White Papers

The New Face of Electric Utility Communication Systems: A framework for addressing increasing communications system complexity

In their ongoing efforts to optimize electric grid operations, utilities have made great strides in improving efficiency and achieving better customer satisfaction. As grid modernization continues, we face a situation where the volume of operational and customer-related data will increase dramatically. In addressing these challenges we see the emergence of new communications infrastructures overlaying the physical power delivery grid.

This white paper details the complexity of the new communications systems and describes how utilities can proactively manage their communications infrastructure to ensure it is reaching its full potential.

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“Keeping the Lights on for Communications Systems: The Need for Improved Network Monitoring” in Electric Energy T&D May/June 2012 Issue

GridMaven Director of Product Management, Ashish Singh, shares insights and important learnings from the telecom industry.

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Industry Reports

January 3rd, 2012 – Newton-Evans Research Company, Inc. announced completion of a three-volume report series focusing on data communications in the electric power industry. The report survey over 100 utilities worldwide. It concluded that the outlook for utility telecommunications upgrades to remain positive in the near term, influenced by a new generation of field automation applications and advanced metering.

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