Your smart grid strategy is in place. Your device deployments are underway. Now, you are beginning to manage massive data but are experiencing unprecedented challenges…

GridMaven prepares utilities for what comes next.

GridMaven Network Manager

Utility communication management is now more complex than ever. Smart devices are deploying on all types of networks throughout utility service territories. GridMaven Network Manager is a new category of communication tool. It provides centralized monitoring of performance and faults across disparate networks. GridMaven Network Manager empowers you to manage your smart grid communications networks with the same rigor and sophistication as the power delivery network. Learn more »

The single monthly utility bill has evolved. Now you can build stronger and more personalized relationships with your customers with time-sensitive communications. GridMaven Billing Enabler provides a robust, scalable platform backed by the global resources of SK Telecom. It powers on-demand calculation of complex charges and credits associated with time-sensitive markets, including demand response, prepaid energy, and distributed generation. Contact us to learn more »